Exploring the 3 Best-Selling Arcade Machines From Arcade Gamer

Long before video games became a sensation Arcade machines were very popular. The whole experience of these coin-operated entertainment machines is so engaging and fun that they never run out of fashion. They are still a significant part of public places such as arcades, gaming arenas, and amusement parks.

Powered by the team of betabrands.io Arcade Gamer is a store that sells the best-licensed  Arcade1Up machines. With their team`s extensive experience in consumer electronics and a passion for retro arcades, the store is poised to become a go-to destination for Australian arcade enthusiasts.

Arcade1Up Time Crisis Deluxe 4-in-1 Machine

The TIME CRISIS Arcade Game by Arcade1Up is a must-have for any retro gaming enthusiast looking to relive the excitement of the 90s arcade scene. With its challenging gameplay that pits players against the infamous Wild Dog and other tough opponents, this arcade machine promises hours of thrilling entertainment. What sets this arcade unit apart is its WiFi-enabled leaderboards, allowing players to compete globally without any additional subscription fees. With the TIME CRISIS Arcade Game, you can enjoy these titles in the comfort of your own home, blending nostalgia with modern convenience.


  • Modern and seamless design at 177.8cm for ergonomic play

  • Realistic gun controllers with mechanical slide action for immersive gameplay.

  • Single Action Foot Pedal enhancing gameplay strategy.

  • 17” optimal size screen for an immersive gaming experience


Arcade1Up has 4 competitive games:








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Order your Arcade1Up Time Crisis Deluxe 4-in-1 Machine for $1,295.00 now and dive into endless fun.


Arcade1up PAC-MAN Deluxe Arcade Machine 14-in-1 Games

Step back in time with Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.`s PAC-MAN Arcade Game, a faithful replica of the 1980 classic. This Deluxe edition contains all of the famous components that made PAC-MAN a household brand. The vivid LCD screen brings the original game`s vibrant colors to life, while the embedded dual speakers offer the iconic "waka, waka, waka" sound effects that have been associated with fun for generations. With its sleek cabinet design, lit marquee, and faux coin door, the Deluxe edition of the PAC-MAN Arcade Game is not only a blast from the past but also a stylish addition to any room in your home.


  •  5 feet tall stature creates a commanding presence for arcade enthusiasts

  • 17-inch Monitor display ensures vibrant visuals for immersive gameplay

  • Crisp sound enhances the arcade experience with dual speakers

  • Light-up Marquee illuminates retro graphics for an immersive gaming atmosphere.


This PAC-MAN Deluxe Arcade Machine has 14 games including 

  • PAC-MAN (OG & Super PACMAN)

  • DIG DUG ( I & II)


  • GALAGA ( OG & 88)




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Enjoy retro gaming at its finest with Arcade1up PAC-MAN Deluxe Arcade Machine for just $895.00. 

Arcade1Up NBA Jam 30th Anniversary Deluxe Arcade Machine 3 Games in 1

The Arcade1Up NBA JAM 30th Anniversary Deluxe Arcade Machine provides a nostalgic arcade gaming experience that offers players the chance to immerse themselves in the NBA Jam, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, and NBA Hangtime worlds. It features built-in Wi-Fi, allowing players to connect with friends and compete in intense online matches. The machine`s visually stunning design, including light-up buttons and faux coin doors, adds to its appeal. This machine is perfect for players of all ages, ensuring endless entertainment.


  • Play with 3 other players online with WiFi

  • Has Illuminated design of 3D Molded Light-Up Coin Doors for aesthetics

  • The design of the Cabinet is sleek

  • Dual speakers enhance the gaming experience


  • The machine has 3 classic game options

  • NBA Jam™

  • NBA Jam™ Tournament Edition

  • NBA Jam™ Hang Time


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Own the ultimate NBA gaming experience with Arcade1Up NBA Jam 30th Anniversary Deluxe Arcade Machine for just $995.00


Arcade Gamers arcade machines take you to a different world and provide you with the experience of thrilling adventures and challenges waiting to be conquered.  The fast-paced action, colorful graphics, and challenging gameplay can get your adrenaline pumping, especially during intense moments like boss battles or trying to beat high scores. It is a great way to stress relief and adds a nostalgic touch to your gaming area.


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